Xiaomi is called the Apple of China

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Xiaomi is called the Apple of China

Most probably 70% of Xiaomi users from a country other than China do not know that Xiaomi is called the Apple of China. Yes, read it right. If we do Xiaomi and apple comparison for design, Both companies have their unique designs and different peoples could have different opinions for this for sure. But when it comes to performing a budget range Xaiomi mobile can’t beat the Apple one but they both have the best performance on their own grade. We know Apple iPhones are a flagship-grade smartphone that can’t be punched by Xiaomi’s Smartphone. If we talk about Xiaomi vs Apple Apple may win in everything but one thing that iPhone will not be able to hit is MI/Redmi series pricing.

Xiaomi is called Chinese Apple phone because they perform like a boss for their pricing and provide us with a good value for money. And we all know that it is hard for Apple to lower their price and compete with Xiaomi as Apple had its status made by Steve jobs and they’ll lose that if they do so.

Xiaomi is called the Apple of China

Xiaomi is called the Apple of China

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5 Reasons-why Xiaomi phones are called Chinese iPhones

  1. Design: The first thing that comes to your mind after seeing both of the phones it the design. Like Apple makes the super premium in quality which is made of glass panels and metal parts. The Xiaomi Phones are also very much high in quality as compared to the other phones in the market they are made of metal parts and glass panels. And they both have almost similar slab like a rectangular shape.
  2. Good Camera quality: The second thing that is similar to both of the phone is the camera quality. The Apple iPhones are popular across the world as one of the best phone cameras. Just like the iPhone camera the camera on the Xiaomi performs very well. The Photographs looks detailed and low light performance also seems very nice.
  3. The absence of App drawer: Now the third thing that is similar in the both Xiaomi and Apple phones is that lack of an app drawer. Now iPhones you all know that iPhone doesn’t have an actual App drawer. So, the case is similar with the Xiaomi phones too. They do not exactly give app drawer and all your apps are on Homescreen.
  4. Performance: Now the fourth thing that is identical in the both of these phones is the Super blazing performance. The A11 and A12 chip used in the iPhones gives us super blazing performance. Xiaomi phones don’t exactly use the same processor. Xaiomi uses the Popular Qualcomm Snapdragon processors couples with a hefty amount of RAM. So, they give an identical performance.
  5. Non-Removable battery: And the Fifth Thing that is similar in both of these phones is the Lack of memory expensive Slot and a Non-removable battery. The iPhones are released out with 16,32,64and128 GB Varients. Similarly, these Xiaomi Phones are released out with 16,32,64and128 GB Varients. And the battery on both of the phones is non-removable Which you obviously can’t remove.

Xiaomi: The Chinese Apple

Xiaomi: The Apple of China is successful to create a hype in India and other Xiaomi Leading market because of their best performance in the budget price range segment. If you Want to know that Why Xiaomi is called apple of china You need to read the % point given Above. People started calling Chinese Apple Xiaomi because they know that Xiaomi is doing a great work and setting new thresholds in the range of budget smartphone Similar to what Apple did in the Flagship segment. Apple Written history in 2007 and Xiaomi in 2010. When the Apple is busy in highering the cost of the iPhones the Xiaomi is Doing something that blows up all Smartphone industry all over the world.

Watch this Awesome video from youtube to know more about the success story of Xiaomi, the best smartphone brand in India.


MI stands for mobile internet. The company’s official website says that MI also has some alternate meaning like Mission Impossible as the Xiaomi faced very critical issues at the starting of their business.

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Xiaomi World Record

The most selling phone in the world in a day is Xiaomi with no doubt as they hold the world record for doing that. Also, Xiaomi Holds no 1 smartphone brand in India.

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