Which is the first mobile manufacturing Company

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Which is the first mobile manufacturing Company

Do you know Which is the first mobile manufacturing Company? The first company to manufacture a mobile is Motorolla, yes it’s not Nokia. If you are from a group that thinks that they know the first phone in world 50% of you may raise your hand for Nokia but my friends you may get shocked to know that first company has an idea to manufacture a thing called a mobile which weighs around 1.5 kg. That’s insane enough for me to carry like nowadays we have a phone that one weighs 100gms.

Here is the first mobile launched in the world
Which is the first mobile manufacturing Company

Which is the first mobile manufacturing Company

This is the first mobile ever launched in history by the Company Motorola. Now, how about to gain a little knowledge about the Motorola Company and it’s history.

History of Motorola company

The History and Event timeline of Motorola

The History and Event timeline of Motorola

If we take look at the history of Motorola phones we will come across the different situations of the Motorola phones. It’s journey from Motorola smartphones/mobiles to Motorola Lenovo is very interesting. So, Now let’s have a look at a brief Timeline of Motorola history also click on timeline event to check out the description on timeline event of Motorola phones.

Motorola company was founded by Galvin brothers in 1928 as Galvin Manufacturing cooperation with a capital investment of 565 dollars and 5 employees. At that time Motorola took Stewert battery companies radio and started Selling it. The first product of the Motorola company is a battery eliminator which can allow using battery product on home Electricity Charge. The company founded that Nowadays people love to have a radio in their cars. Then Company Showed a car radio at  Radio manufacturing Program and People loved that product. The Radio named Motorola because they want that they could get a New Name.

After, Sometime when the sale of Motorola was increasing the Company named itself  Motorola. Motorola was Made of two words Motor and Ola Which was taken from Victrola.

Event Timeline of Motorola

The company has long journey also failed and faced some really big and critical issues but at the end in 2018, it is a very successful company out there in the market to purchase a Smartphone in each and every budget range and segment.

  1. On September 25, 1928, Company Motorola has found by the two brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin.
  2. First Motorola Radio Was sold on 27 June 1930. After this Motorola manufactured car radio receiver and sold it to Police Department.
  3. During World War 2 Company made SCR 536, a Radio. Which Helped American Military a lot in Communicating.
  4. In 1947, Motorola made a T.V. Called VT-71.
  5. In 1958, Motorola made a number of Radio Equipments for NASA.
  6. On 3 April 1973, Motorola made first Portable mobile and Named it Dayna TAC

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