Top 25 Interesting Technology Facts

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Top 25 Interesting Technology Facts

Top 25 Interesting Technology Facts: Technology facts from the TechBonkers consist technology facts of all time. These technology facts are interesting facts about technology, computers and tech companies. Facts about technology growth are found here which includes technology facts for students. These are some of the most interesting facts about technical growth and statistics.

Reading These facts will increase your knowledge as well as reading these technology facts is a really fun as they are most amazing facts that will surprise you and most of you don’t know about these technology facts. After reading these amazing tech facts you can go for the link at the bottom for weird but true technology facts. Also, if you like some of these comments me down below I am reading them all for sure.

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Top 25 Interesting Technology Facts

Top 25 Interesting Technology Facts

Top 25 Technology facts about Big IT companies 2018read more

1. Apple iPhone‘s most expensive part 

iphone x

We all know that iPhone X is a very expensive Smartphone and not everybody can afford it but do you know that what is it’s most expensive part So, IHS markit has done an analysis and found that the most expensive part of iPhone X is its screen. Yes, it has an OLED screen and that is the most expensive part of iPhone X. It worth 110 us $ that is the most expensive part of this phone.

  The brand new iPhone X {The most expensive part is its sreen}

2. 1500 Xiaomi MI3 sold in 2Sec 

read more

Xiaomi logo

We all know that Xiaomi Smartphone is sold out as soon as the company launches them but do you know when Xiaomi launched MI3 in India at that time 1500 mobiles are sold in just 2Sec. I don’t think that any mobile could be sold this much fast but when MI3 was launched it was said to be the fastest mobile for the people if seen in overall performance.

3. Xiaomi genius world record read more

Xiaomi had sold 2.1 billion smartphones in a day.

4. Xiaomi is the Apple of China

read more

Do you know that in China Xiaomi phones are treated like Apple? Yes, Xiaomi is the Apple of China. Like how Apple smart mobiles are treated in India and U.S. similarly, Xiaomi phones are treated in China. The popularity of Apple in India and U.S. is similar to that of Xiaomi‘s in China. So, China‘s trusted smartphone brand is Xiaomi.

5. Nokia is not the first big company

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Nokia logo

Do you know when in 1998 Nokia has become the biggest mobile company which usually sold the mobile phone in the world was not the first biggest company in the mobiles? Before Nokia Motorola was on the top and most of the mobiles were sold by the Motorola company. So, people who are thinking that Motorola company is new and making the big camera phones they are wrong and Motorola is in the race many years ago and doing the business.

6. Motorola launched the first internet-enabled mobile

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In 1991 Motorola launched Dyna Tac. That is the first mobile in the history to feature a two-way radio, email, and internet. In that mobile, Web-Browser was first introduced. That means Motorola is before Nokia in the history of mobiles.

7. The first investor of Facebook

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facebook logo

Do you know Peter Thiel (L)? He was the co-founder of PayPal and he was the first person who invested 500,000 USD which is really a big amount.

8. Youtube is first introduced as a dating siteread more

youtube fact

Yes, you read it right the initial version of YouTube Was a dating site by the name of tune in Hook Up. Tune in Hook Up where you can make relationships between girlfriend and boyfriend and also marry through the site.

9. Samsung makes it own productsread more

You may be amazed to know that all big smartphone companies do not manufacture all parts of their smartphone. Samsung is the only company that manufactures 90% of its product itself. So, is really a big company and it likes to manufacture the most of the parts of the phone itself.

10. Why Google home page is so simpleread more

Google facts

You may not have noticed but the home page of Google is not so designer you only see the logo of the company, search bar and it does not contain much of things. Google is a very big company and can make the best design but they do not do so. Google founder had no knowledge of HTML and from till that page is traditionally simple and as it is.

11. Apple first laptop priceread more

apple facts

The Apple laptop which was on sale was priced at 666.66 USD which is said to be the number of SATAN.

12. Apple display was manufactured by Samsungread more

Do you know that the retina display of the Apple was not made by the Apple it was manufactured by the Samsung and provided to the Apple?

13. Who did the first commercial callread more

The first GSM commercial call was made by the prime minister of Finland Harri Holkeri in 1991 from a Nokia phone.

14. Benjamin Franklin hasn’t discovered electricityread more

electricity facts

If someone asks us that who discovered electricity then we say it’s Benjamin Franklin but he was not the first. Though some people know that he had not invented electricity but he only found that the lighting is electricity nothing else but there is evidence of pot battery before him.

15. Electrocardiogramread more

ECG facts

You may not know about it but you know it’s short form ECG. You may have noticed when anybody is in the hospital a monitor graphs the heart rate these lines are Electrocardiogram. This is possible because inside our body had light electricity. But it’s not that strong that we can light a bulb with help of that. Most people do not know that we had impulse inside our body.

16. Ethiopia get electricity in 1896read more

electricity facts

Ethiopia’s Emperor Menelik 2 had got 2 chairs from other country and these are capable to give a shock to its sitter. when he comes to know about the electricity then they come across the electricity.

17. President of America was very afraid of electricityread more

electricity facts

Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd president of U.S. under his session white house got electricity but he was very afraid of electricity so he does not switch on/off the light or fan because he thought that he will get a shock and he will die.

18. First laser printerread more

laser printer facts

Do you know first laser printer was made by Xerox in 1969? The main highlight here was they had modified their old photocopier and made a laser printer.

19. Privacy risk for the peace showing peopleread more

security facts

Heading is something weird but if you show peace sign the high-quality cameras can read your fingerprint by a distance of 2 KM. yes……. its true

20. First movie recorded by HD cameraread more

camera facts

Star Wars: Attack of the clones was the first movie which was recorded by HD cameras released in 2002.

21. Camera = dark chamberread more

camera facts

You may not know the meaning of the word camera it comes from the word “Camera obscura” which is a Latin word meaning dark chamber you know that when cameras were first made they have a dark box-like structure. It was covered by a dark cloth the photo was slowly developed by the light in front of it. So, it got name camera but now they are very small but their name remained the same.

22. Photoshop is called image proread more

photoshop facts

Photoshop was developed by Knoll brothers and named it image pro but after sometime Adobe purchased it and named it photoshop.

23. 42 computers made internet read more

In 1973 only 42 computers made the internet. Everything on the internet was the 42 computers.

24. Snapchat logo ghost nameread more

snapchat facts

You don’t know the name of the Ghost on the logo of snapchat its name is Ghostface Killah and is named after the WU-Tang clan.

25. In Japanese emoji means…read more

emoji facts

In Japanese e can be translated in image and Moji into character so in Japanese emoji means Image Character.

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