How to enable google ads on AMP

How to enable google ads on AMP

If you are Looking for how to enable google ads on AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) Then check this post till the end and follow a few simple steps to Enable Adsense on your accelerated mobile pages. AMP Adsense WordPress is needed to generate you revenue as when you paste amp Adsense code amp-auto-ads automatically start displaying in 20 minutes.

Google Adsense is the best way to income with your good content and it also motivates you to create more great content for users. AMP ads plugin are available in WordPress you that take up your website resources so it’s better to do it by yourself. Just follow below given steps in detail and image for every step to understand better and easily enable auto ads for the amp.

We will look out some solutions to your problem but now first let’s look at another phase of AMP(Accelerated mobile Pages). Also, if you don’t know how to enable amp on WordPress.

What is AMP?

We, all know that agility(quickness) in a web page is a really important part for a web page. so that Google recognized the problem faced by the user in loading web pages because of tier heavy content and initiated a holy project which is the amp and Nowadays AMP is on its peak and almost every publisher perceive about it. And admit that AMP is a very creative and useful project by Google and Twitter. AMP is a genuine way to create blazing-fast, gentle, and Soothing Mobile Pages. So, here we are going to see How to enable Google ads on AMP.

How to enable google ads on AMP

How to enable google ads on AMP

AMP stands For accelerated mobile pages but as the name suggest AMP are the pages created by Google to enhance the experience of browser surfing for mobile users. It is true that Google gives preference to the pages and post which are AMP enabled and also rank them higher. As we can’t compromise with our ranking we need to Enable AMP for our web pages but it has a problem with it and we will describe them below the solution steps.

What is AMP on mobile?

Amp is a project initiated to allow publishers to create Web-pages that are mobile-friendly and the AMP pages loads fastly on mobile in comparison to other normal web pages. Also, Google prefers to rank AMP enabled pages higher on mobile. Amp is launched and set-up by Google and Twitter along. This Project created or accomplished by google and twitter just to generate quite quick and rapid mobile pages in comparison to other ones. Accelerated mobile Pages is an open-source technology designed to enhance and improve the performance of mobile pages and make them agile.

Remembering and taking care About the importance of AMP I have collected some Step by Step Methods And Created this Post “How to enable Google ads on amp“. Using these step by step method You will be able to Enable Adsense For AMP and Also You can enable Google Adsense on WordPress.

Steps For “How to enable Google ads on AMP” are given below

Step 1: Open Adsense and login yourself. Then you will get something like this:

adsense for amp step 1

adsense for amp step 1

You just need to open Menu by clicking on three bars as shown in the Image above.

Step 2: Open My Ads

adsense for amp step 2

Adsense for amp step 2

Now, After you will open your Adsense menu then you have to click on my ads as shown in the image above.

Step 3: Switch tab to auto ads for AMP

`Adsense for amp step 3

Adsense for amp step 3

After clicking my ads you will end up with this screen in the above image and then click on auto ads for AMP as shown in the above image.

Step4: Turn on text and display ad format

Adsense for amp step 4

Adsense for amp step 4

You will see an option to enable which says Turn on text and display ad formats. You need to enable it if you want display auto ads on your Accelerated mobile pages.

How it will look when done

This will look like something this image below.

auto ads for amp

auto ads for AMP

There are various solutions to one Problem so let’s look at another fresh method to enable Google ads on AMP.

Alternative Method to enable google ads on AMP

If unfortunately, the first method is not Working for you here is an alternative method to do so. Well in this method you can simply install a WordPress plugin that does the work for you and enables google ads on your website.

We need a WordPress plugin for in this method

  • Name of the plugin is AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • This video is a little old but useful and the UI of the plugin is changed a bit.

Features Of AMP Plugin for your WordPress Website

  • GDPR Compliance – GDPR stands for General data protection and it is basically something that requires a business to protect our privacy.
  • Page Builder 3.0 for AMP – They says that page builder 3.0 technology they use much more lightweight and stable. See more.
  • Brand new Swift Theme – As the heading says they brought you a brand new theme named Swift.
  • pre-build layouts – 3 New pre-build layouts are introduced in the latest version of AMP.
  • Alexa compatibility – It’s a new feature recently added by the owners and it’s awesome.

And, Much More.

Steps to install AMP plugin on your WordPress website.

Step 1: In the plugin, tab click on add new as shown in the image down below.

adsense for amp alternate method step 1

adsense for amp alternate method step 1

login to your WordPress and then click plugin and click on Add new and follow the step given below to install the amp plugin to enable google ads on amp.

Step 2: In the Search box type AMP for WP as shown in the image below and then click on install now on the first plugin that you will see.

adsense for amp alternate method step 2

adsense for amp alternate method step 2

In this step, you need to search for AMP for WP plugin and install it. After the installation just activate the plugin as shown below.

Step 3: After installing the plugin just simply Activate the plugin that is shown in the image down below.

adsense for amp alternate method step 3

adsense for amp alternate method step 3

Now, its time to activate the plugin you have installed called AMP for WordPress. After plugin installed you have to run installation wizard for the plugin. Steps to run installation wizard is given below.

Step 4: After Activating your plugin click on AMP tab on the bottom-left of your window to understand clearly see this below-given image and click on Run Installation Wizard.

adsense for amp alternate method step 4

adsense for amp alternate method step 4

Go to amp section of your WordPress Dashboard and click run installation wizard to Setup your plugin instantly.

Step 5: A dialogue box will appear like this just click on the start button.

adsense for amp alternate method step 5

adsense for amp alternate method step 5

When you will start installation wizard you got up with this dialogue box which says to start. Just click start to get started.

Step 6: To complete the installation Wizard you need to click the skip button 5 times and it may vary after the update of the plugin.

adsense for amp alternate method step 6

adsense for amp alternate method step 6

Now, it will take some very basic things from you like the logo and your analytic code just simply do What it says. If you are in a hurry just skip all that. It will take 5 Skips and you are done with the installation wizard.

Step 7: Last and the easiest step that is shown in the image down below just click on the Let’s go Option on the window.

adsense for amp alternate method step 7

adsense for amp alternate method step 7

Now when you are done with the installation wizard for AMP you just have to click let’s go and you are all set to enable google ads with this simple method.

To ease the process of your understanding of how to enable google ads on the amp I have found a relevant video which will help you in the whole process after installing the AMP for WP plugin.

I clearly mention this is not my video. Credit goes to Accelerated mobile pages youtube channel go and watch his content.

If you have any problem related to Google Adsense for AMP then comment down below. Also, comment on your topics you want me to cover.

What is AMP on Google?

AMP is a complimentary program or plan initiated by Google which is designed for free of cost and it is a completely open-source project by google and twitter. Also, Google formally or officially unified into mobile search ranking or listing. Amp by Google is free for all over world publishers and totally open-source. Accerlated Mobile Pages is a very good initiative by Google that is useful for publishers as well as internet users and web surfer. AMP is a technology used to boost the speed of Pages when they are loaded on mobile. So, AMP creates its own version of the page that will be loaded more quickly than the original version of the page. Google says that it’s AMP is the most powerful of all existing web technologies because it is the fastest means to load a web page.

How to create Responsive ads With AMP?

Did you know you can develop fully responsive web pages with AMP that work on mobile, tablet and desktop? Watch this video to learn everything about responsive design with AMP!

 Watch this tutorial for free

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