How to enable AMP on WordPress

How to enable AMP on WordPress

When it comes on how to enable amp on WordPress you have reached your destiny to setup amp for your webpages. This post will help you to activate the amp for WordPress. Installing amp plugin for your website will make your pages to load faster on mobile.

AMP is called accelerated mobile pages and it is the best trick to make your pages faster. WordPress is the most used blogging tool worldwide. In this post further we will get to know about the amp in detail and if you want to set up ads for the amp then check out how to add ads to WordPress amp.

AMP is a project by Google and twitters to launch your webpages faster on Mobile phones. So, let’s try to understand things in detail to resolve the problem.

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source initiative project started and designed by WordPress, Google, Twitter to enhance the speed(agility) of pages on mobile devices. The AMP plays a very important role in your Google rank. AMP Basically used to create/publish Mobile-friendly content on the web. It is a technology by Google which works for you to convert your pages more efficient for Smartphones.

How to enable AMP on WordPress

How to enable AMP on WordPress

WordPress, on the other hand, lets you create your free website at your domain name. We will soon be uploading the tutorials and best starting plugins for WordPress. Watch this video to know more about WordPress latest update 5.0.

Why AMP with WordPress?

When it comes to the AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) on WordPress there are a method to do it manually without the plugin but an easy way to do it is to use an amp plugin. There are several amp plugin designed to let you enable amp on your page. For best amp plugin check out till the end. AMP and WordPress both are free to use and awesome with each other. This is a project launched by Google which boosts your Web-pages to load them quickly.

Amp with WordPress also helps in optimisation of your webpage as the latest algorithm update of Google stated that the speed of the page plays a major role in your website ranking on a google search. One more thing you can do is reduce server response time.

WordPress is the most identical and popular blogging platform for website creators. This is an open source(Free) project and totally based on PHP and MySQL language. Most of the people download it because of aggressiveness to know. To set up WordPress you just need to install it to your root. Then WordPress will log in and you can choose from a dozen of templates, plugins.

Advantages Of AMP

Accelerated mobile pages that load blazing fast one have lots of advantages in scenarios of search engine optimization as well as audience retention and your Google ranks. Some of the most relevant ones are as follows.

  • Free
  • Open Source
  • reduce the loading time of Webpage
  • Enhance your Google rank
  • Optimizes your website images
  • reduces data consumptions
  • provide a new look at mobile

Best AMP Plugin for WordPress

If you want to know about plugins for AMP on WordPress you can try out the official AMP for WP Plugin as it is an authoritative plugin by and the google itself. If you want to setup google amp on your WP sites so you can convert your pages to the amp for mobile searches automatically.
I have used many plugins but the formal one is the most authoritative and trustworthy for Websites

Take a demo for amp by installing the plugin on your website now just follow some simple steps below.

Steps For “How to enable AMP on WordPress”

Step 1: Click on add new on the plugin page

amp for wordpress step 1

amp for wordpress step 1

First of all, go to the plugin page and click on the add new button.

Step 2: Search amp and click install now

amp for wordpress step 2

amp for wordpress step 2

When you are redirected to add new page then in search bar search for the “amp” and click install now for the first plugin.

Step 3: Lastly, Click on activate

amp for wordpress step 3

amp for wordpress step 3

When this plugin is installed simply click on the activated plugin to enable amp on your WordPress Website.

This was the step by step guide for properly setting up the amp for your website to make it loader faster than the fastest.

Now we have the most powerful technology by Google in our hands So, Let’s Set Up AMP on WordPress.

Pros of AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) on WP(WordPress)

  • The Amp plugin I have told you to install to your WordPress in the official one developed by wordpress and Google itself.
  • It is handy and user-friendly.
  • Easy to use
  • Do not require any setup or login information.

Features of Amp on WordPress

  • It automatically converts your blogs to amp version for mobile devices.
  • Compatibility tool
  • CSS Tree Shaking
  • Core Theme Support
  • Optimization

Setting AMP For WordPress

Now let’s provide you with a video tutorial for installing and activate the amp on wordpress website or in short setting up things. Follow these quick steps to make your webpages load super fast.

Amp Page Builder WordPress

AMP Page is basically an Automattic WordPress Plugin. This quick program by Google has a LightAMP Theme and there are different page builders available on WordPress for the bloggers but it’s wise to work with official AMP page builder 3.0 at latest version as it is lightweight as well as stable too. Also, AMP for WP does not take many resources of your hosting website. So, this WP plugin accelerates your website page and make them quick to load. Loading pages faster is useful as the user will remain on your website and enjoy your content if your pages load faster.

What is page builder

If You Want to know about the Amp Page Builder then watch this video tutorial above. so, that you can work flawlessly. The page builder is an insider function provided by the official plugin of the amp by google itself. The page builder help web managers to make beautiful as well as mobile compatible and quick pages. It is a very handy feature of this plugin. You will be able to find one of best amp plugins if you simply type amp in the search bar of the ad new plugin page of your site wordpress manager php link page. Amp without plugin is a bit difficult so I will recommend installing the official amp by google instead show above in some elementary steps.

How to use AMP Page Builder

If we are discussing AMP Page Builder for wordpress then it’s latest update 3.0 is really useful and UI is user-friendly. This is a must use features for all my readers. Below here is a video tutorial on the matter to understand thing visual and effortlessly.

How AMP works with seo optimisation

Here we tell you about how amp affects your Google rank as speed/agility of website is a big factor of the audience or user retention on your site. So, google prefers ranking amp page onto the top of google search for relevant keywords/niche.

AMP is google initiative which helped me to up my google ranks. That is the only thing we creator work for and we need that. Switching to the amp is one of the best and smartest way to boost you on page seo and be ranked your webpages. Google, especially in India, used widely by the students as they were born in this era of Google and search engine mean google to them. So, we need to focus on speed. In my opinion, google amp review goes in a positive direction and it worth it to give this plugin my resources. I have only one gig of hosting and install very plugins and Google amp worth it.

Best Amp Plugin for WordPress

Now we have considered properly setting up the amp on WordPress its time to know some alternatives for amp official plugin. So, here we bought you with a list of best accelerated mobile pages.

  1. AMP: The first and best one in the list is of amp plugins as it is open-source by wordpress and Google itself. It is a compatibility tool and also has a core theme support. I have shared the tutorial of stepwise activation on wordpress. Installing tutorial above↑
  2. AMP for WPAccelerated Mobile Pages: This amp plugin is not the official one launched by the Google itself to optimise web pages. But it is the best alternative and can be used as it also does work itself and automatically enable/turn on the amp on wordpress. It also has a premium version which definitely comes with some handy features for wordpress. It supports different ad sizes and a lot more. Setup tutorial.
  3. Better ampWordPress complete AMP: This is an amp plugin which RTL languages completely. So it says that it is the most complete amp or google accelerated mobile pages and supports wordpress this is also one of the best amp plugins for wordpress website in 2019. Obviously, it makes your pages to load really fast and quick.

Features of different amp Plugins

We know that different plugins have different features and are packed with special characteristics such as:

  • Page Break
  • Github gist support
  • Many advertisements support
  • Common forms
  • pre-installed themes
  • Tag manger
  • customer amp editor
  • classic editor
  • page builder

AMP cache for WordPress

Google amp cache is saved by Google in your own browser so that next tie the website loads blazing quick and responsively. This is the main work done by the amp plugin overall for optimization of a webpage. Boosting homepage wordpress site or any other helps you to rank higher in google searches. The cache memory is validated amp documents. These are made public on the web and availed for everyone to use is google amp cache. Amp is the best google rank booster, the and cache is the source of it in simple words.

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