First mobile phone with internet access

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First mobile phone with internet access

First mobile phone with internet access Was launched by Nokia. The Model Name is Nokia 9000 Communicator. If we take a look at cell phone timeline which is given below in the post we can find the first portable phone, first car phone and first mobile with internet access which can be used for e-mails and browsing etc. This post includes hot technology topics mobile internet history and what is the mobile internet. So, Enjoy the brief history of phones/mobiles.

First mobile phone with internet access

First mobile phone with internet access

cell phone timeline

The evolution of cell phones in the smartphone timeline smartphone timeline is very consistent. Here it includes first cell phones, briefcase smartphone and car phones which are bulky, having a weight of 10 kg.

  • 1921 – First car-to-car radios are manufactured that are widely used by police departments and used by cops to communicate with others. Besides, it is used widely it failed to be loved by all.
  • 1934 – A committee is established because although the government have a maximum number of frequencies they are getting problems in communication. so, Federal communications committee

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